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I’m here to invite you on a trip. A trip which will bring you to better health and a happier life. Website “Trip To Be Fit” came into being from a lifelong passion in fitness, training and nutrition. Fitness, training and nutrition are constantly expanding subjects, often resembling a never-ending river. I’m here to help you to achieve your goals, motivate you and improve your health, providing quality personal training, nutrition advice and personalised diet plans.

Physical activity is one of the main factors which will help you to maintain and improve your health. If you don’t exercise you are more exposed to variety of diseases. Training has a lot of long terms benefits and the average adult should practise at least 30-60 minutes per day of moderate activity. This is the basic guideline for maintaining good health. If you don’t know which training plan will work best for you or if you’re struggling to find motivation, the best solution would be to hire a personal coach who will put you on the right path. As a personal trainer, I would like to help you on your way to success providing sessions based on your goals, state of health and needs.

Why is the physical activity so important?

Physical activity is one of the main factors essential for enjoying good health. Without exercise, we are more liable to contract diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. Being active can provide you with immediate or long-term benefits and together with good nutrition can improve your health and physique. Physical activity gives you stronger muscles and bones, helps to maintain a healthy weight, makes daily activities easier, lowers cholesterol, provides you with energy, decreases depression, has an influence on your mood and decreases the risk of injury due to stronger muscles and increased stability of the joints. Physical activity can also correct muscular imbalances and improves posture. People who are active physically increase their lifespan and have a better quality life generally.

There are a lot of types of activities so everyone can find something that will be enjoyable, doesn’t matter your age, what your goal is or your fitness level.

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Exercise with Personal trainer

How much we should exercise and what intensity to choose?

According to a 2011 report by the UK’s four Chief Medical Officers, these are the guidelines for different age groups to stay healthy:

under 5 years old – 180 minutes every day

5 to 18 years old – a minimum of 60 minutes every day of moderate to vigorous intensity plus stretching muscles and bones at least three days per week

19 to 64 years old and older people (65+) – at least 150 minutes every week of moderate to vigorous activity which includes 30-60 minutes of moderate activity every day or 20-60 minutes of vigorous intensity three days a week plus muscle stretching twice a week.

Personal training intensity

The intensity of different forms of physical activity can vary from person to person. This is determined by an individual’s experience and fitness level. For two people doing the same activity, the intensity of training might be completely different. In general, moderate activity includes walking, dancing, housework, active involvement in games with children or animals or carrying moderate loads. Vigorous intensity physical activity requires more effort and causes an increase in heart rate. These can include running, fast cycling, fast swimming and carrying and moving heavy loads. The harder you are prepared to train, the greater the fitness benefits you will achieve. Working with a vigorous training plan you can use more calories in a shorter period of time and burn more calories after an exercise session which also allows you to lose weight faster and more effectively.

Generally, the frequency and duration of exercise depend on personal goals, fitness level and the kind of training you are doing. For example, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) will be shorter than light cardio but will burn more calories after the exercise. With a moderate intensity, you can burn more calories during the training but less afterwards. Deciding what is best for you, you’ll need to know what you want to achieve and observe how your body reacts to certain stimuli. Follow the Trip To Be Fit website if you want to gain more information about different kinds of training and their function.

The benefits of personal training with Trip To Be Fit

The appropriate activity will help you with long term problems, make you feel better physically as well as mentally and is essential to achieve your goal, whether it be maintaining good health, improving your fitness level, gaining muscle, losing body weight or correcting muscular imbalances.

Personal training with Trip To Be Fit will provide you with numerous benefits, especially if you’ve never trained before and are unsure of how to start your fitness journey. It will help you to increase motivation and will improve your technique to ensure you exercise safely and effectively. Tell me about your preferences regarding physical activity and together we can find the best training plan at a convenient time and place for you.

- Regular contact between sessions
- Review of your progress and your training program
- Personalised training plan based on your goals, needs, fitness level, likes, dislikes, age and preferences – designed from information given from you
- Continuous feedback to keep you motivated and updated with the programme and your performance
- Monitoring using specific methods
- Making corrections to inappropriate technique – increasing confidence
- The choice of training and possibility to train in your own home
- Assessments including measurements, flexibility, functional ability, body composition and a range of fitness tests to show your progression and state of health

She is the best personal trainer I’ve ever met. she has great knowledge, experience and everything she does is done with passion. She’s always positive and smiling 😊😊😊

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