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Train at your own home

In the second half of the twentieth century, a lot of the older training systems were left behind. Life started to be dominated by technology because of the Industrial Revolution. The approach to training changed when British athlete Thomas Inch invented the first plate-loading barbell in 1900. Let’s think about this: years ago, people didn’t have gyms and resistance machines but were still able to build amazing power, strength and flexibility without any equipment. So why can’t you train at home with a certified mobile personal trainer Worcestershire?

Lack of time, distance to the gym, lifestyle commitments, or maybe you simply don’t enjoy a gym environment – there are some reasons why you can’t or don’t want to make it to the sports club. You don’t need to worry about this because there is no reason why you can’t achieve your goal when you choose to train at home or outside. You can still lose weight, build muscle and improve your strength and flexibility using only body weight or small pieces of equipment you may have at home already.

Train at home Worcester

What are the benefits of outdoor or home exercise?

– As you don’t need to leave your home, you can save time and choose the most suitable part of a day for you to train. You can always keep an eye on children, cook and listen to your favorite music at the same time.
- You can train with your children and from early years by teaching them good habits and introducing fitness.
- You don’t need to worry about your look- your home, your rules so if you feel comfortable you can train even in your pajamas.
- Exposure to the sun which will give you Vitamin D and more energy.
- You are not limited by gym opening hours.
- More space. Fewer people around. Don’t need to wait for a gym equipment – because you don’t need any equipment.
– It is surprising how many things you can use for exercise. Trees, benches, walls – as long as it’s safe, everything can be used for training.
- You can train with your children and take a dog for a run.
- You can save money on gym membership. Why not invest some of this money in to small equipment like mats or kettlebells?
- Family can actively spend time together.
- Bodyweight training develops functional abilities

What could be the disadvantages of home / outdoor training?

- While training at home you can be easily distracted.
- With a gym membership, it is easier to commit to the training as it can serve as motivation for doing different activities.
- Personal trainers to hire. There is usually someone at a gym who will help you with your technique or give you advice
- At the sports club, you can enjoy a different kind of classes like aerobics, Zumba, indoor cycling, yoga, pilates and metafit – to name a few.
- Poor weather can become the obstacle for those who choose an outdoor activity.
This is your choice – how, when and where you want to train. There are numerous activities you can enjoy. There is no excuse, you don’t need a gym to achieve your goal, however sports clubs offer a huge range of activities for people of all age groups.

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What exercises to do at home?

There are so many types of exercise you can do at home, making them accessible for people of all ages and fitness levels. Some of these include:

Push-ups – If you are beginner you can start from wall push-ups or on the knees. For most advanced there are full push-ups, single-leg raised push up, with a clap, with a hand on a medicine ball or using bosu ball. You can also do a push up with legs on the wall. This all depends on your fitness level and small equipment you may have at your disposal.

Squats– examples of bodyweight squats can include shoulderstand squats, supported squats, full squats, sumo squats and for advanced individuals – assisted one-leg squats or one leg squats.

Back exercises – pull-ups using bar (or trees) with a lot of variation including jackknife pulls, full pull-ups, pull-ups with a resistance band etc. The examples of other back exercises are vertical pulls (with a vertical base you can use), horizontal pulls, back extension and all the different levels of a bridge.

Abdominal exercises – knee tucks (on the floor or on a bench), flat knee raises, leg raises (flat or using a bar), Russian twist, side crunch, plank and a lot more. Exercises for shoulders– wall headstands or handstands, crow stands, push-ups on the wall (only for very advanced!), reverse burpee.

Plyometric training
It is also known as “jump training” and includes exercises in which you using your maximum force in a short period of time. The goal of this training is to improve muscular strength, increase power and speed due to a rapid manner and a lot of repeated jumping. Some of the examples include jumping squat, box jumps or plyometric push-up. As you can see, you can do full body workout at home and you don’t need any special equipment. The choice of exercise, duration, and intensity depends on your fitness goals, fitness level, and preferences.

Now you don’t need a sports club membership to achieve your goal! Drop me a message and have your personal coach while train at home or outdoors! If you can’t go a gym, a gym can come to you!

Train at your own home

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